Custom Design

We want to be your Custom Jewellery Design experts.

Easy as 1..2..3

Step 1)
Book an appointment on this page or visit us at 2651 Alta Vista Dr.
When you arrive at Noura’s Jewellery, you will meet with the store owner Elias Zidan. He will gather the required information to provide you with a free estimate for your new custom design jewelry. The basic information needed will be your general idea, the¬†vision of your design, the size, the desired material, and any other necessary details.

Step 2)
The jewelers will create a Computer Animated Drawing. This will enhance the quality of the finished product and give you the chance to see your new piece and make any changes before it is made.

Step 3)
We will create a Wax Model of the design and check it for accuracy. After the wax model, we will start the casting, where we create the new piece out of your desired material. Once the casting is finished then we set the stones/diamonds and polish the piece while adding all the finishing touches.